board of directors

Bryan (President) & Cheryl  (Bookkeeper) McConnell 


Bryan resides in Oviedo, Florida with his wife Cheryl. They have two children, Daniel who is married with one child on the way and their 15 year-old daughter Christina. Bryan & Cheryl have both served the Quechua with QDM for the last 2 years – Bryan as president and Cheryl as our bookkeeper. Both are serving members of the local church while Bryan’s full time career is as an electrical engineer.

For many years both Bryan and Cheryl had thought they were saved while being self-deceived into thinking they were true Christians. Their concept of salvation was to stay busy at church, say the right things while living in their sin and disobedience to Christ.  In Bryan’s case God mercifully and graciously granted him true repentance to turn away from his sin and towards the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in true saving faith (see 2 Tim. 2:25, Eph. 2:8-10, Titus 3:5). 


In Cheryl’s case her Lutheran baptism and attendance gave her security yet her real church motive was to qualify for a school tuition discount for her son while busy with the “workings” of church. Hearing the true Gospel, Cheryl saw herself as an unconverted person relying on her good works. She came to understand that she was the one saying, “But Lord, didn’t I do this and that in your name?” and that she would hear Christ say, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”  Reading 1 John 2:3-4 Cheryl came to grips that she was the one who said, “I know Him” yet did not keep His commands making her the liar without truth With great conviction over her sin Christ granted her repentance and faith unto salvation so that her heart and practice now is to serve Christ as He desires.


Bryan & Cheryl learned that genuine salvation is always evidenced by a radically changed life and that man’s desires, thoughts, and will are all changed by Him alone. They now have a true love for His Word, a heart for the lost while making disciples locally through their church and the Quechua through QDM. May God be glorified for His works among the Quechua people of Bolivia!


To contact Cheryl, please use the following:


Phone: (407) 901-4158

Michael Goins / Director


Michael and his bride of 19 years, Nicole, with their four children reside in Oviedo, Florida where they attend Cornerstone Baptist Church having been members for over 8 years. Michael also serves as the Deacon of Worship.  As a director with QDM his responsibilities include stateside operations, organization of speaking opportunities while taking a major role as a decision maker for this vital ministry.


After a lifetime of believing that just a profession of faith as a teen had saved him the Lord drew Michael to Himself 11 years ago. Hearing the piercing words of Christ, Michael became thoroughly convicted over his sin. Since the Lord granted him repentance and faith unto salvation he has been growing into the image of God’s Son. In time Michael understood God’s call for him to the pastorate and subsequently entered a bible college through his church. Since hearing of QDM and the Quechua he has had an ever growing burden for this people group. Because of last September’s trip to Bolivia Michael’s heart became more deeply burdened to see the people of Bolivia reconciled to their God through the faithful preaching of Christ’s Word.


To contact Michael, please use the following:


Phone: (407) 901-4158